23.11.2022 Looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join my team developing various microrobots for medical applications! Please contact me if you are interested: veronika.magdanz(ät)

17.11.2022 Why not? Fatemeh, Peter and I pitched our project idea of measuring oxidative stress of sperm with ESR to the Q4Health Design Challenge and were awarded $1000 to develop our project! Looking for motivated undergrad students to join the team!221020_Quantum-Opportunities-and-Showcase_00128-2-scaled-1000x700

31.10.2022 Happy to become core member of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology! What a great community!

20.10.2022 Congratulations Zihan for our article published in Advanced Biology on collinear bundles on sperm cells.

02.09.2022 Our new article on Drug-Loaded IRONSperm clusters out in Biomedical Materials! Another great accomplishment in collaboration with Kaz, Leon and Islam!

01.09.2022 Excited to join the Systems Design Engineering department at University of Waterloo as Assistant professor! Stay tuned for infos about my new journey here!

28.07.2022 Enjoying the fascinating MARSS conference (manipulation, automation and robotics at small scales) in Toronto this week! After 3 years, having a great time connecting with the microrobotics community again in person. Among many interesting sessions, I am happy to host 2 special sessions on soft, 3D printed robots and swarming and collective magnetic microrobots, together with Samuel Sanchez and Maria Guix. Thanks for the speakers for their fantastic contributions. WhatsApp Image 2022-08-02 at 16.38.33

07.07.2022 Press release by Advanced Science about our approach to develop a new male contraceptive with the help of copper particles. Thanks to the wonderful collaboration with Juliane Simmchen.

19.01.2022 Announcement about my La Caixa project which started in October 2021. We will focus on the development of soft flexible magnetic robots, inspired by sperm motion.

14.01.2022 Welcome Paula Morcillo i Soler from University of Girona! She will perform her undergrad thesis on sperm bundling, in collaboration with Marc Yeste from Technosperm.spermbundle

27.12.2021 Have a blessed Christmas season everyone and a brilliant start into 2022!christmastree

16.12.2021 So happy to give a seminar about “Biohybrid Microrobots” for the Cusanuswerk today. Really enjoyed the questions and discussion. Thanks for having me!

03.12.2021 What a treat it was to be part of the ArtMoMa international workshop on bionanotechnology and biomolecular machines in Dresden and give an introductory lecture on biohybrid microrobots. Thanks Stefan Diez & team for hosting me!

26.10.2021 Better late than never: Welcome to Guillem Lopez-Grado i Salinas! He is a PhD student that supports me in the new La Caixa project on flexible magnetic robots. It is a pleasure to work with you!Webpagephoto

21.10.2021 Today I had the pleasure of speaking about “Sperm guidance mechanisms” and “Sperm at the interface with nanotechnology and robotics” at a Master class at the University of Girona. It was so much fun to teach in front of a full class room! Thanks to Professor Marc Yeste from Technosperm for inviting me! Looking forward to the collaboration.

13.10.2021: Presenting a poster on tuning flexiblity of magnetic flagellated robots at the µTAS conference 2021!

08.10.2021: Honored to share my research with the IBEC community at today’s seminar.

04.08.2021 Have you seen the new Master program at TU Dresden “Biology in Society”? Makes me want to study again! Great job, Klaus and Oli!

23.06.2021 Looking for a PhD position in microrobotics in my awesome group in Barcelona? Please apply asap and share with anyone interested!

22.06.2021 Congratulations to Arnau Llobera for finishing his TFG project at University of Barcelona on flexible magnetic robots! Great job and wishing you all the best for the future!

13.05.2021 Here is my latest talk as part of the Multiscale series about “What sperm can teach us about microrobotics”, kindly organized by Zoran Cenev. Very nice initiative!

26.02.2021 Fresh online our Advanced Science article on the Impact of Segmented Magnetization on the Flagellar Propulsion of Sperm‐Templated Microrobots!

24.12.2020 Magnetic Actuation Methods in Bio/Soft Robotics – our review just published in Advanced Functional Materials – great team effort from several experts in the field!

15.10.2020 Watch our contribution to the IBEC Symposium 2020 about Flagellated flexible magnetic microrobots and “Like” it to help us win the video competition!

22.09.2020 Check out and sign up for the wonderful International IVF Initiative of free and high quality webinars about sperm biology and related topics. Last time I joined there were over 600 participants! I am invited to talk on October 6th about sperm-driven and sperm-templated microrobots.

13.07.2020 Our Science Advances Article highlighted in Nature middle east and Chemistry world!

08.07.2020 Talking about “IRONSperm: templated flexible magnetic microrobots” at the NanoBioMed Online Conference NMBO2020 on Friday July 10th!

26.05.2020 Thanks TUDAZ for the wonderful time and farewell! Now off to IBEC in Barcelona as Feodor-Lynen-Fellow, thanks to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

01.03.2020 Our article on sperm-driven gelatin structures for onboard biochemical manipulation of sperm and protection against oxidative stress now online in ACS Applied Bio Materials!

19.02.2020 Very fortunate to be able to visit the CENSE in Bangalore for two weeks and doing some experiments with Ambarish Ghosh‘s team.

11.02.2020 Our APL paper is now online!

30.01.2020 Our paper “Resemblance between motile and magnetically-actuated sperm cells” by I. S. M. Khalil , V. Magdanz , J. Simmchen, A. Klingner and S. Misra, just accepted in Applied Physics Letters, 2020.

08.01.2020 Excited to give an invited talk “From autonomously moving microsystems to sperm analysis” at UTwente on February 6th!

16.01.2020 Dresden Biologists make sperm glow! Congratulations to my colleagues from Applied Zoology for their impressive work on label-free fluorescent lifetime imaging of sperm.

06.01.2020 Interested in Sperm Biology? Sign up for my intensive 2 week course on sperm motility, various staining methods and metabolic assays taking place March 23rd – April 3rd. Open for Bachelor, Master and PhD students. You even get to run your own little project during that course!

09.12.2019 “Good sperm, bad sperm”. Article in the local newspaper Sächsische Zeitung about our work published in PLosOne.

28.11.2019 Read the press release about our PlosONE article on sperm metabolism.

21.11.2019 Honored to be awarded a Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

04.11.2019 Moved into my office in the new Biology building. You can find me now in room 258. Thanks to Klaus & team at the Chair for Applied Zoology for hosting me!

21.10.2019 Finished a productive week of measurements at UTwente Surgical Robotics Lab on our IRONsperm project! Thanks Islam for being a great host and thanks to Jacopo and Guilherme for contributing to this project.


03.10.2019 Our article on sperm motility, metabolism and tail length is now published in Plos¦ONE!

26.09.2019 Today we hiked around the Talsperre Klingenberg and enjoyed a Canadian breakfast as farewell to my two student assistants. Thank you Clara and Johannes for your great support during the last year! You did fantastic work on several projects! I wish you all the best for your future!


19.09.2019: Nano- and Micromotors Designed for Cancer Therapy : our review is now online in the special issue on Nanomaterials for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy in the mdpi journal “Molecules”

20.07.2019 Our article on sperm-particle interactions included in the Hot Topic: Surfaces and Interfaces!

15.07.2019 Our article on “Characterization of Flagellar Propulsion of Soft Microrobotic Sperm in a Viscous Heterogeneous Medium” was accepted in Frontiers in Robotics and AI in the special topic “Biologically Inspired Microrobots“.

05.07.2019 The special session on “Similarities and differences between biological and artificial microrobots” at MARSS 2019 was a full success! Thanks to Giovanni and Giorgio Volpe, Maria Guix and Ambarish Gosh for your contributions!

01.07.2019 Our proof-of-concept article onSperm-particle interactions and their prospects for charge mapping” was accepted in Advanced Biosystems! Congrats to all coauthors! I look forward to deeper insights into the surface charge changes of spermatozoa.

12.06.2019 Proud to have Prof. Susan Suarez from Cornell University here as an expert on sperm migration and speaker in the Microswimmers Lecture Series.

12.06.2019 Come out for the Long Night of Science and see “Sperm cells in the spotlight in their whole variety” 

03.06.2019: Congrats to Islam Khalil and team on our paper on “Modeling of Spermbots in a Viscous Colloidal Suspension”. Now available in Advanced Theory and Simulations.

10.04.2019 I am excited to organize a special session on “Similarities and differences between biological and artificial Microrobots” together with Juliane Simmchen at the upcoming MARSS conference in Helsinki. If you are interested in giving a talk in this session, feel free to contact me!

14.03.2019 Join for one of the exciting guests in our Microswimmers Lecture Series at TU Dresden!

06.12.2018 Check out my upcoming invited seminars at U Birmingham on 13.12.18 and DAMTP at U Cambrige  on 14.12.18.

05.12.2018 Thanks to Dave Smith for his inspiring lecture on “Self-propulsion in viscoelastic media” as part of our international Microswimmers lecture series! Lots of interesting aspects in terms of sperm motion in viscous media.

21.11.2018 @Nanobiomed Conference in Barcelona learning lots about recent advances in nanomedicine, nanomotors and related applications in biological and medical applications. Check out the program:

28.09.2018 Thanks Tom Montenegro-Johnson for the wonderful introductory lecture to “Physics of motion on the microscale”! Check out the upcoming lectures of the Microswimmer Lecture Series of the TU Dresden!

19.09.2018 First reading seminar of the Microswimmer Lecture series started today! We talked about Low reynolds Number hydrodynamics and two classic papers from Taylor 1951 and Purcell 1977. Check out the schedule and updates on the microswimmers website of the TU Dresden.

18.09.2018 A nice day trip to Dr. Boryshpolet’s Lab of Reproductive Physiology in Vodnany. Lots of interesting things to learn about sperm motion tracking, fish sperm and a lot more…

17.09.2018 Welcome Clara Ridzewski as student assistent in our team!

16.07.2018 Thanks to assistant professor Dr. Islam Khalil for visiting our lab and installing a magnetic control setup for the remote control of magnetic microobjects. He also shared his exciting work on several microrobots ( Looking forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration!

08.05.2018 I will be participating in the XIIIth Spermatology Symposium in Stockholm on the upcoming weekend. Here is my poster contribution. My talk on Saturday will be about “Sperm motion and metabolism under physiological conditions”.

23.04.2018 Our Feature Article on “Swimming Microrobots: Soft, Reconfigurable, and Smart” has been published in Advanced Functional Materials with the colleagues from IFW.

03.04.2018 Welcome to Samar Elthoukhy as Nanobiophysics master student. She will investigate physical effects on sperm migration for her master thesis in co-supervision with Prof. Braun and Prof. Reinhardt.

Also welcome to Johannes Gebauer (Biology student) who will support us as SHK!

22.01.2018: I am invited to give a guest lecture on Biohybrid microswimmers as part of the Erasmus Mundus program on February 20th at 5pm at the BIOTEC, Tatzberg 47/49, Dresden, seminar room E05. It will also be broadcasted to Leuven, Chalmers and Grenoble. Feel free to join! Here is the schedule of the whole lecture series: Brochure Capita Selecta2017-2018

08.01.2018: Invitation to take part in the Gameeting – a get-together for scientists in Dresden that work with sperm or egg cells and topics related to fertility, sperm motility and more. It will take place on February 27th 2018 at the Biological Institutes. Email me if you would like to participate!


13.12.2017: I am honoured to be a topic editor of the article collection on Biologically Inspired Microrobots in Frontiers in Robotics and AI – Biomedical Robotics. It is now open for submission!

05.12.2017: My colleague Haifeng Xu and our team from MNBE group published an article on sperm-driven hybrid micromotors for targeted drug delivery in ACS Nano. Congratulations!